Our Luxury Adjustable Bed​

Luxury Adjustable Bed
  • Our mattress is an 14-inch Premium Pillow Top Mattress that comes with a breathable and waterproof mattress encasement that is washable.
  • Our adjustable base moves up to a 70-degree angle for the head section, and the foot raises to a 45-degree angle. The base has an option to add safety side rails to both sides of the bed.
  • You have the option, upon delivery, to lower it by 3″, 6″, or 9″ so you can have the perfect height to get in and out of bed.

The Normal Hospital Bed

  • The standard hospital bed comes with a 4-inch foam mattress covered in plastic, which may not be very comfortable.
  • The head section of the bed can raise up to a 70-degree angle, while the foot section only raises a few inches.
  • The Medicare hospital bed, on the other hand, comes with a hand crank to lower the bed.

Unlimited  Sleeping Positions

See Our Optional Side Rail

If you are renting one of our adjustable beds, this would be the perfect accessory if you would want have a safety rail on one side of the bed or you can rent two of them to have on each side of our adjustable beds.

Rent The Luxury Adjustable Bed

Luxury Adjustable Bed

Our Luxury Adjustable Bed comes with a Sealy 14″ pillow top mattress. It offers the most amount of padding on the top surface of the mattress. The comfort of this mattress is Medium/Soft, this has plenty support for larger adults that weigh over 240lbs. Our adjustable base offers a wireless remote and the ability to raise the head and foot sections of the bed. This is where you can find the perfect position to eliminate painful pressure points.

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