Why Rent An Uncomfortable Hospital Bed?

Most company’s that rent adjustable beds only use commercial style bases and hot, sticky, plastic covered mattresses. These are very uncomfortable and provide very little pressure relief. So if you are rehabbing an injury or in hospice, wouldn’t want a comfortable mattress to sleep on?

We Have A Solution!

We had a family member that was in hospice care. The insurance company sent one of these “Normal Hospital Rental Adjustable Beds”. The first night on it, unfortunately, he could not get comfortable and could not fall asleep for more than a few minutes. Luckily we own a mattress store and pulled a mattress and adjustable base from our warehouse and delivered it to him the next morning.

As soon as he laid down on one of our mattresses he had immediate relief! This is how we came up with the idea to open Adjustable Bed Rentals and offer customers better options than hospital supply stores could offer. We are here to help you get your good night’s sleep.